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Praise for Blood·Letting:

“Do not say something happened; do not say nothing / happened,” starts a poem in Blood Letting, a collection of poems responding to widespread acts of violence against Indonesia over decades. The writer of these poems is relentless in the best possible way, never letting us take a moment of breath as acts are recalled again and again—and why would we want to? From poem to poem, death unravels in ways that chill the body motionless, reminding us of the horrors Indonesia has faced. But, as positively loud these poems are, what creeps under is pain. We’re being asked to reckon with harm. We’re being asked to stick with it. We’re being told, “Look at how my people have suffered.” Yes, it is suffering that bears its teeth in this collection. And anger. And fright. And the desire to see loved ones live.

—Luther Hughes, author of A Shiver in the Leaves and 2022 Quarterly West Chapbook Contest Judge

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Who I am


I specialize in poetry, although I started out as a fiction writer and blogger. Now, I branch out to other genres as well.


I have formal and volunteer teaching experience at the college level, K-12, and adult learners levels. 


I edit articles, essays, and books. I also translate documents and literary texts between Indonesian–English and English–Indonesian. 

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Hello, I'm Jeddie

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. My approach to teaching writing is to facilitate everyone's personal journey. I don’t think there is a singular, “correct” way to write. I believe that by providing various writing tools and techniques, people will find the form and shape to write their stories in a way that best suits them.

I have worked one-on-one with people from all walks of life; from 8th graders, college students, graduate school applicants, M.F.A. applicants, school teachers, Ph.D. candidates, and published authors/scholars.

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